Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Dover Demon

In Dover Massachusetts there is said to be a creature with a large oblong head and orange eyes that glow in the dark. This creature is said to be hairless and have long twig-like arms with slender claw-like fingers that it uses to grip the pavement as it runs.

This creature is the Dover Demon and it has no nose nor mouth. Some theorize that the Demon is an alien left behind such as ET was or perhaps a human-alien hybrid, but no-one knows for sure since he is such an elusive creature. Although there has been a few sightings throughout the years, most people don't believe in the demon at all.

In his book Monster Hunt, The Guide To Cryptozoology, Rory Storm writes, "For centuries the Cree Indians have talked about a race of creatures called Mannegishi that live in or near the water. They are said to often climb on rocks and ledges and like to tip over boats, drowning the occupants. They describe the Mannegishi as semi-humanoid with very thin and lanky arms and legs and big heads minus a nose and mouth."

Could this be the Dover Demon?

Storm, Randy (2008, Monster Hunt, A Guide to Cryptozoology, Gusto Company AS

The Photo above came from the website below. Please visit it to find out more information on the Dover Demon.

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