Monday, November 10, 2008

Patty's Ghost, Part III

With continued communications with Patty and her family, it seems that the ghost has expanded its repertoire. The family is now seeing shadows on a more frequent bases outside their bedrooms at night. Even more frightening, the entity has started calling their names and has even made a painting that has been hung on the living room wall for many years drop to the floor while the family was gathered to watch a television show.

On another occasion, while someone was visiting, Patty told him about her ghost but the visitor was unimpressed. He told Patty he was unimpressed and said "I don't believe in any of that paranormal stuff" and while looking around the room added, "if there is a ghost in here, show yourself and prove it!" With that, a stuffed rabbit (Patty collects rabbits of all kinds and has about 400 of them) floated off of the entertainment center shelf and landed at the visitor's feet. There were no strings attached and no other apparatus attached or anything that could have made this small stuffed animal float in mid-air. The visitor was dumbfounded and even Patty and her family that usually laughed at everything weren't laughing at this. They were suddenly quiet as their visitor made lame excuses for an early exit.

Apparently Patty's ghost didn't like being taunted. It was trying to communicate with the family by showing up more frequently and calling them by name. It had no ill will in mind and obviously had no evil nature since they are still living in peace together at the house. Since this occurrence with the visitor I have done some basic research on the land and the building of the house. I've looked into when it changed hands and to whom it was sold. Nothing sticks out as out of the ordinary and Patty doesn't want any psychic or paranormal investigations done inside of the home so we may never know any more information unless this ghost chooses to give us some.

I cannot really understand why Patty doesn't want to know more. This would drive me crazy. Not the ghost part, but the not knowing. I would need to know everything about it, why it was there, what it wanted, what I could do for it, how to get rid of it, anything, everything. I could never have such a nonchalant attitude but maybe that is why I don't have a ghost. Maybe I don't have the right temperment. I'm probably too nosy.

Anyway, I will keep you all updated on this situation. Please leave any thoughts and comments and as always, thanks for reading.


Alexandria The Great said...

Very interesting.
Four of the five homes I've lived in have been haunted. My family, friends, and I have all witnessed figures, things disappearing and reappearing, objects moving by themselves, strange vibes like someone is watching you, invisible hands grabbing at night, but no one has ever had a voice calling our names. That sounds really scary!
If I were "Patty," I would exorcise the home. Name calling would freak me out!
I exorcised my last home and it worked wonderfully, the bad spirit went away and I haven't had any trouble since.
But I guess, as long as it doesn't bother or hurt anyone... I hope it just doesn't get worse!

Kennan Brooks said...

Thank you for your comment, and I like your sugggestion. I will tell her about that. I think that even a simple "house blessing" by her clergy person would be a step in the right direction. The whole voice thing tells me this is going in the wrong direction too. That makes this very personal and even though the entity, whatever it is, is remaining peaceful; it does seem very determined. I think you're on the right track with a good idea.

Alexandria The Great said...

In my last home, what started with footsteps and bad feelings turned into waking up to find the locked front door, unlocked and perched open. The strength of something to do that, frightened me and, I didn't like that the spirit was strong enough to do that, it felt menacing and dangerous, and I was afraid it might get stronger if I continued to ignore it.

While I am not an expert, I am open minded. I am a Christian but I also believe there is more to spirituality than what is only in the bible. Following the advice of a psychic friend and a spiritualist friend (they do not know each other) that I trust and am privy to know, this is what I was told and what I did.

Both friends had years of experience with exorcisms. Following their advice, I chose to exorcise the house by myself. I was told that if I continued to ignore it, the spirit could get stronger. An exorcism would work because it was still relatively weak, but that by not doing the exorcism the "right way", I ran the risk of angering it and making it come back with a vengeance instead of kicking it out.

This is the advice I was given and would like to pass on to "Patty": Allowing someone else to do an exorcism is not a very strong exorcism, and risky. Since it is your home, you should do it because the force of your will will be more convincing and stronger.

Feelings: It is very important to WANT to do this. One has to be very sure of oneself and not be afraid while exorcising the home, it is not so convincing if you are terrified. Lower level spirits (like the one I had) feed on anger and fear to gain strength to stay on the lower realm, because they just do not know any better. Therefore, it is important NOT to feel anger or hatred towards it when exorcising, but rather, try to use love and understanding to both convince it and push it towards leaving and hopefully ascending to the place they should be (with their loved ones).

How I was directed to do it:
Turn on all the lights (ghosts hide in the darkness and don't like light), close all the doors to every room, even cabinet doors, and even the toilet seat. Also, stuff a rag into the drains of the kitchen and bathroom to prevent the burning sage from escaping. Treat each room separately. Start in the "safest" feeling room in the house. Burn sage and address the four corners of each room about 3 times, pausing at each corner for about 5 seconds to allow the burning sage to envelope it. Close the door of that room and repeat in the next room. Go thru every room and closet. Start back at the hub (safest feeling room) and do the whole process about 5 times. Go to sleep. Hopefully in the morning, the vibes will be completely different(lighter) and the spirit will be gone.

While burning the sage, one should think and say out loud something like this : I know you are there, I want you to leave my home. This is not your home, but mine. You don't belong here. Your loved ones are missing you, go to them. I want you to be happy and where you belong. Please go into the light.

While saying this, one should try to push love and conviction. The smell of sage permeating the home should help convince the spirit to ascend and join their loved ones.

I was really scared to do this on my own, one of my friends just stayed in the "safe room" while I walked about and did it.

I was told it might take a couple tries, and that things may calm down for a bit after the exorcism because the spirit could be hiding (like they know what you are doing and want to pretend to be gone but not really).

I was prepared to do it again the next night, but when I awoke, the atmosphere in the whole home was completely different. It felt "clean" and much lighter, just like normal. It worked! I never had problems in that home again.

Again, I am not an expert, but this worked for me so I believe it can work for your friend as well. I consider my home, where my heart is, I don't like the feeling of not feeling safe in the one place that I should, so I want your friend to get her home back as well.

Best of luck to her. I hope the haunting doesn't get worse.

Alexandria The Great said...

Actually, I noticed your mention of stones in your blog. I was going to add to my very long comment (ha ha) that I was also advised by my two friends to add stones to my home, but was afraid that might sound too nutty to you. But perhaps, you may believe it too.

I was told to buy amethist stones for each window and door leading to the outside. First, to put my hand over the stones to determine which one "felt" the strongest to me, and buy those particular ones. Then, take it home and clense it with running water to rid it of other people's "vibe" and really make it my own. While cleansing it under running water, say outloud to the stone that it is mine and that I love it (that may sound very nutty to you, but nevertheless, I wanted to protect my home so I was willing to try it), and inform each individual stone of what its duty was. For example, "Hello little stone, you are now mine and I will cherish you. Your job is to guard my window from any spirits that could do me harm." The placement of these stones should prevent any other spirits from entering the home. With my history of haunted homes, I think I will probably use this as a safeguard to use every time I move to a new home. Why not? I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. :)

Kennan Brooks said...

Thanks again for your comments. I will pass them on to Patty, and I will give her the amethyst stones for the windows as well. I appreciate all the time you took to share and I know she will too. In fact, I am hoping the fact that someone else took so much time to help out, might wake her up a little bit to the fact that something needs to be done about her situation. Thanks again.

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