Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Vampire Talk - The Sampiro

With the success of the Twilight books and movies of late, there seems to be a renewed interest in all things vampire. For my next few posts, I thought I put a few interesting things I've found while doing research, and would love it if you would comment and share what you know on the subjects so we can all learn more.

Most fans of things supernatural realize there are more than one type of vampire, but one of the more lesser known types is the Sampiro. Although it sounds frightening and I wouldn't want to run into one on a dark and foggy night, they do have a bit of a comical air to them (OK, maybe only if you have a macabre sense of humor like me!).

According to Albanian folklore, the Sampiro rises from its grave shortly after it's internment, about 3-4 hours. It rises dressed in its grave shroud, and is described in all of the folklore wearing high heels (no, I don't know where the high heels come from....and yes, the Sampiro can be female or male!) with large, bright glowing eyes (sometimes as large as headlights).

The Sampiro cannot walk too well on the high heels so "toddles" after it's victim (which in the beginning of it's "career" tends to be close family members or other loved ones) in an unbalanced kind of way. If they are lucky enough to catch their victim, then it means certain death. If their victim gets away, they have been known to stop at cottages and homes along the way and peer into windows. It is said that if the gaze of their strange glowing eyes falls on any people in that home, those people will come down with an illness, sometimes a fatal one, within days. In this way, the Sampiro is in fact more virulent than other vampires since they can make entire households fatally ill just by walking after one victim and then walking back to return to their grave site.

The Albanian people at one time believed at one time that any person with any Turkish blood in them would become a Sampiro. Another interesting note, it was said that a Sampiro was able to flush out a "real" vampire so sometimes people that were half Albanian/half Turkish made a living by being "vampire hunters", believing that after death, they would become a Sampiro. Usually they had arrangements made for decapitation special burial rites with their village priest for the time of their death to save them from this fate and ensure their way to heaven.


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Sampiro it sounds a little bit silly. I can believe that people always are pretending to be someone different probably they need to catch the attention to be important.

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The sampiro ? no way, what a a stupid name for a creature, seriously why you don't change it.

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