Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is your house haunted? Some important questions to ask.

No matter how much we love our homes and backyards and gardens, when you sit down and think about it most people have wondered from time to time if their house is haunted. Sometimes you're sitting at home at night, alone in your living room watching television and for no reason you get this creepy feeling and you don't want to stay alone anymore. Or, it's time to take the laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer but for someone reason, you don't want to go into the basement again. There's no reason for these feelings, but they're real and you are really scared. Are you alone? Is your house haunted? Let's talk about some other symptoms of a haunted house.
Do you have animals? Cats and dogs are especially sensitive to intruders, human or otherwise. If your animals are hesitant to enter a room and you know you are the only person in the house, that is one piece of evidence for you, but let me caution you. You need much more than one piece. You will need to answer "Yes" to at least 7 or 8 of these questions before you can start thinking you might have a haunting going on. At that time, you might want to seek the help of a professional Psychic investigator, clergyman, historian or all three.
Do electrical items, like appliances or lights turn themselves off an on by themselves? Remember this could just be an electrical problem and not something paranormal.
Have you ever heard footsteps in the house when you were sure you were alone, or may someone calling your name?
How about the "feel" of your house. Does the atmosphere change suddenly or do your family members go from being happy and carefree to grumpy and mean spirited for no apparent reason? Now, that could mean nothing but you have a hard-working partner or spouse and some hormonal teenagers in your house, but it's worth noting.
OK, how about the history of your home? Has anyone ever died there? Has any violent situations taken place there? Was or is there a cemetery nearby? Any other tragedies in the area worth noting such as a factory fire? Someone might have worked there but lived in your home. The history of your property and home is always worth looking into.
Now,you'll also want to pay special attention to your family and their habits. Is anyone using a Ouija board or tarot cards or any other means to communicate with the other side? Sometimes thy leave a doorway open that should never be open.
How about your doors? Do they open and close by themselves? Do children in your home have imaginary friends? Do you lose things when you are absolutely sure you knew where you left them, only to have them turn up the next day or a few hours later.
Do you ever hear noises coming from within the walls of your home or up in the attic like scratching? Could be mice. Could mean something else. Take note.
Next time you get that creepy feeling, honestly assess your situation and ask yourself these questions. You might even be able to help a friend if they feel they are having problems. As stated before, If you are getting a lot of positive answers to these questions, don't panic, seek out someone with the proper knowledge to assess your situation and help you find out what you need to know. It prove to be something simple and easy to take care of. Keep in touch and if you've run into anything like this, please let the readers know how you've handled it.


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