Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Haunting in Oklahome

I guess that Oklahoma is famous for more than just the musical of the same name. Apparently there are some decent hauntings an adventurous ghost hunter might want to check out. This one involves the Labadie Mansion in Barlesville.

The Labadie Mansion is a1 9Th century Victorian mansion that has caused more than a few people to do an extra load of laundry if you get my meaning! The mansion is set back away from the road, so I hear it's for those hunters who are in pretty good shape because there's some hiking through quite a bit of woods which obscure the mansion from anyone travelling along the road.

According to legend there are four people who have died at Labadie Mansion and the house has had two damaging fires. The only parts remaining are a fireplace, some burnt out walls and some parts of the foundation but apparently that's enough to keep the paranormal activity at peak levels.

So, let's get to the good stuff. Most likely is that what ever light source you used to guide you through the woods to get you through the woods will stop working. You will hear disembodied voices shouting at year, smell noxious odors, and see animals that weren't there moments ago, now only a few yards in front of you.

When you've had enough of those and decide to take your leave, you may notice the one fireplace that is left suddenly blaze to life on its own.

So, these are the alleged happenings. Some sound possible, some sounds impossible. If any of you live in Oklahoma, we'd appreciate some light shed on this subject.

These photos show the ruins of the mansions. It must have been beautiful in its day.

The Labadie Mansion


請離開 said...
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Anonymous said...

Your legend is inaccuate and ill concieved. You obviously do not live around the mansion. We do. It is west of Copan, not Bartlesville. The residents died of affixation from too many fire places burning at the same time and it is positively not haunted. These stories only serve to upset the Labadie family decendants of the tragedy.
--Osage County Historical Society Museum, Pawhuska, OK 74056--(918)-287-9119

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I'd like to going to that mansion because I want to see an spectrum or a ghost, that's terrific that's something capture my attention because I don't know that's my passion.

Anonymous said...

This is a curious subject to me. For various reasons that I won't share in an open post. However, I found both this story, of the mansion, and the story of the "mothman" interesting. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to explore these subjects in greater depth. Be careful and good luck.

- J.S.

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