Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Factoids to start us thinking about Halloween....

**The Witches Ball A shiny glass ball, most often made of silver or mercury glass, which was much cheaper and known as "poor man's silver", were hung high up in the home to deflect evil forces. These pretty, reflective balls were very much like the silver balls we hang from our Christmas trees today.

**One of the 19 people accused and hanged as a witch in Salem Massachusetts during the famous witch trials in 1692, was actually one of Salem's own former preachers. He professed his innocence until the very end of his life and recited the Lord's prayer perfectly until his body was pushed from the scaffold on Gallows Hill.

**Did you know those famous windows at 112 Ocean avenue, the home of the famous Amityville (Horror) hauntings made famous by Jay Anson's book and the subsequent films were removed by the new owners in an effort to keep the number of amateur ghost hunters and curious tourists to a minimum?


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