Monday, September 15, 2008

VLAD TEPES, The Impaler - Prince Dracula

Known as "Vlad the Impaler", we have the historical figure behind Brahm Stoker's famous fictional count Dracula.

Vlad was born in 1431 in Romania. His father had been inducted into the Order of the Dragon - a religios order of the knights created in 1387 by the Holy Roman Emperor- to protect Catholicism and to fight the Turkish military and prevent them from invading.

The word "Dracul" in the Romanian language means "dragon", since he held a high position in the Order of the Dragon, in makes since that young Vlad would be called "Dracula", or "Son of the Dragon". That is how the name "Dracula" came down thru history for Brahm Stoker to find in Romanian records, and they name he took for his now infamous vampire.

Our Vlad eventually became the Ruler of Wallachia and believed in a harsh rule to force his subjects to live in honesty to promote a crime-free state. Under his rule, any crime, from the most minute as a housewife not having her husbands clothing clean enough to the most heinous such as murder, were punished severly. Vlad's favorite punishment was impalement.

Word of Vlad's blood thirsty punishment's got around quickly, as did the soaring number of people he killed. Those numbers including thousands and thousands of his own people. This reputation of visious blood thirst is most like what led to "Vlad the Impaler" and Brahm Stoker's Vampire permenently melding into one in our minds to the point were there is some talk wondering if Vlad himself were not a vampire, the blood-sucking kind Brahm wrote of. During an investigation into the place that was assumed his burial place, it was found that no body rested there. This not only fueld this story, but led many on a hunt to find out more. Perhaps the future will hold some interesting information along these lines for us.


Anonymous said...

I wonder about psychic vampires more than the Vlad Tepes type.
Please email me at my profile if you have any thoughts. Thanks.

Kennan Brooks said...

As far as psychic vampires, I've gathered that in stead of sucking blood from people, they "suck" energy or the life-force from people. Some psychic vampires don't even realize what they are doing but some do it for malevolent reasons to leave us weakened and disabled so we cannot fend off a spiritual attack.
Victims usually are very thin and worried, yet they have a voracious appetite. They look pale and weak and often complain about a feeling of a "heavy weight" on their chests in the night, literally or perhaps in a dream.
That's the basics. Have you run into anything like this before?

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