Friday, July 17, 2009

The Ouija Board--Is it a Toy or a Portal to the Other Side?

The Ouija board as we know it is a boa rd that is supposed to allow us to communicate with the spirit world, or our "dear departed" ones on the other side. The board has two curved rows of letters and underneath them, a "yes" and a "no". At the bottom of the board is the word "goodbye." The Ouija board has also been known as a talking board or a witch board because of it's reported ability to foretell the future. Along with the board is a pointer, also known as a planchette, which rests on three legs.

To use the Ouija board, you must have a minimum of two people. Each one must place their fingertips very lightly on the pointer and then one person asks a question. If the question requires a yes or no question, the pointer will obviously move to either the word "yes" or "no." If the question requires a more involved answer the pointer will move to the letters on the board to spell it out. Likewise, if a numeric answer is required, the pointer will go through the numbers on the board.
The first Ouija board came out in 1854 with others following on its tails. Although have been other men credited for creating the talking board, but most frequently sources claim it was William Fuld, who named the board "Ouija" by combining the German and French words for "yes"

Ok, so much for the history, now...doest it work? Well, there are many, many stories that you can find right here on the web of people contacting spirits, both good and evil, while using a Ouija board. Some say they have contacted demons and that ever since the first time they used the board they opened themselves and their families up to demonic possession, poltergeist activity and more. If asked, your church leaders will instruct you not to use a talking board for any reason. This being so, one must ask this really a toy? Would a toy have Pastors and Priests on watch?

If you want to try one out, you do so at your own risk. Some Ouija Board/Talking Board warnings (or superstitions - depending on how you look at them) are hear for you to ponder. For me, I can't help remembering when I was young and watched the Exorcist when it first came out in theatres. The whole possession thing stated with a Ouija board and the sounds in the attic that little Regan attributed to "Captain Howdy". My own advice.....if the planchette EVER flies out of your hand across the room, run like HELL!!!

1. Never use a Ouija board by yourself.
2. Never ask when you are going to die.
3. If you throw away a Ouija board improperly, the spirits within will come back to haunt you.
4. Never be rude to the spirits.
5. Don't use the board if you feel sick or weak.

That about sums it up. Here are some picture for you to enjoy of some old boards and planchettes, and also a spirit that someone allegedly conjured up from a Ouija board (courtesy of Elvis Santana)


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