Friday, August 28, 2009

For All of the Horror Fans Out There, This One is For You...The Scariest Horror Villians Of All TIme...According To Me, Of Course!

I know I've said this already, but I LOVE horror movies. From Elm Street to Zombies, even if the acting is horrible and you can tell it was made in someone's me crazy, but they are still fun!
There are some movies though, that you find yourself thinking about long after they are over, with some villians that stick in your head for years. Sometimes you can remember seeing a "scary" movie in your childhood that you remember as if it were yesterday because it left such an impression on you. Those are the good movies. Not necessarily because they were really good films, but because they left that impression on you. That is what the horror genre is supposed to do.
With that said, I'm goning to share with you some of my most horrified momments and the villians that I think should win the "scarriest villian award"
When I was 12 years old, My mother, my 22 year old sister and her friend were going to the drive-in to see The Exorcist. I begged to go with them. After hours of this torture, my mother finally caved and I went, snuggled in the back seat of the old 1969 malibu we owned, and saw on the screen a hideous story about the most horrifying things happening to a girl that was just my age...but the worst part of all was those few little words that came on the screen before the movie even began. "Taken from true events". What? This was true? That was what terrified my 12 year old brain. Watching that possessed girl. I was her age. I had played with a Ouija board. My mom was a single mom. It happened to her, why couldn't this happen to me? And that set off about a 3 year period of cold-blooded, mind-blearing terror that still pinches the back of my eyes every now and then (all be it rarely now) when I glimpse scenes from that movie, until I realize again that I am a grownup. Anyway, that was the first movie that scared the hell out of me and left a lasting impression. Nothing has ever scared me that much again. However, I have found some movies, and some villians that I love!

First and foremost, I am a true Norman Bates fan. I love the guy, and love Tony Perkins. No one else could play the part. I know that Vince Vaughn tried. Vince did a good enough job, and I like him. I think he's a good actor, and I like him, especially in comedy roles, but he's just not Norman to me. The whole back story of Norman is fascinating and is actually brought out at the end of the first PSYCHO movie. The sequals are awful. The original is the best, as is usual so rent it if you can. There can be only one.....Norman Bates that is. I would love to stay at the Bates motel.

Then, you gotta love Freddy. He's one of the very few horror movie villians to actually have a sense of humor. That puts him high on my list. He's king of the one liners....Scarey as hell, a disgusting child molester/killer in life and an evil fiend that haunts and kills you in your sleep. What could be scarier than that?

Pinhead anyone? Pinhead and his friends are a pretty awful looking bunch and boy, do they no how to inflict pain? I wouldn't want to run into them....especially that fat one with the turkey waddle thing going on! Pretty scary!

So, that's it for part 1. Who are your favorite villians?


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