Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some of The Most Likely Places on Earth to Be Haunted

There are many places that can be haunted, including our own houses, offices and properties. But those are more of a long shot. Lets take a look here at some places that have more of a chance of being haunted. I'm going to list the four I find to be the most likely to be haunted. See if you can add to the list.

Prisons: Often prisons were (and are) places of torture and barbaric treatment of the inmates, especially prisons of the past. Inmates were often killed by this kind of treatment or by short rations of food and water and even by the filthy conditions of their cells and lack of medical care. In fact, sometimes the smallest infractions led to food and water being withheld. Where ever there was unfair treatment, unfair death, and unhealed pain, there is likely to be unrest and a likely place for a haunting.

Hotels: Especially old ones. Those old rooms and even the furniture had seen some very sad times, sometimes even murders and oftentimes unexpected deaths. When you have such profound sadness lingering in a room it makes the room and sometimes the entire hotel the perfect spot for a haunting.

Cemeteries: Some people believe that cemeteries cannot be haunted because the dead are mostly laid to rest with a religious ceremony that negates any possibility of their souls remaining on earth so instead they "cross over" immediately. I disagree. Cemeteries are places of great sorrow, emotion and great unrest. Some of the buried corpses were people who were murdered, died to young, who weren't ready to die or who just didn't get a chance to say goodbye. There have been many ghost or apparition sightings in and around

Battlefields: We can't forget these. I can tell you I have been to Gettysburg and the air just feels 'heavy' there, as if there are spirits in the air, trying to communicate with anyone who has the ability to listen to them. It is such a sad feeling. I think if we had the power to see them, there would be thousands just flying around, looking for someone, anyone to talk to. I'm sure all battle fields are like that. Such profound and useless loss. So tragic. So many soldiers not able to see their loved ones one more time. Not able to say goodbye. Many, Many ghost stories and tales of the supernatural center around battlefields and these I believe are true.

These are my top four. Please feel free to add your ideas to this post. I encourage all of you to let me know what places you find to be the most haunted.


Erica said...

Hospitals would be another one. With so many people dying there I wouldn't be surprised if many were unable or unwilling to move on. Here in Bremerton, WA there's a hospital that was converted to a hotel and supposedly many people have seen odd occurrences there.

Perhaps coal mines because even today men are killed unexpectedly or trapped underground for several days. If they're unable to be buried I'd imagine it would be hard to move on.

P.S. I find it amusing that my word verification contains died.

Kathleen Barron said...

Erica, two excellent places that I hadn't mentioned. I agree with both of them. That's really interesting about the hospital they turned into a hotel. I'd like to stay there for a couple of days and check it out. Have you ever gone there? And about the coal miners....yes, so much tragedy! There has to be so many lingering souls not understanding, not only what went on with them, but maybe remember their last earthly thoughts being of their grieving wives and children outside.
Thanks for contributing. Excellent ideas!

Major and Sherry said...

To add to Erica's comment: Mental hospitals, especially abandoned facilities, are notoriously active. My take on one such location is to found at

And without a doubt, battlefields are very active with the spirits of casualties of war. Gettysburg is, as you so noted, covered with a blanket of sadness.

Kathleen Barron said...

Major and Sherry, Thanks for the comment and the link the site. Very intesting. I would love to visit there. I live in Indiana so would love to plan a trip. It's too bad that not all the buildings are open, but that's usually the way isn't it. Have you done any research into the "inhumane practices" that the site mentions? Some research into that might come up with names and dates that could be tracked to other paranormal activity. Great post! Thanks so much!

Erica said...

I misspoke about the location in Bremerton, WA. It got converted into an apartment building from a hospital, not a hotel and not only do people in the apartment see strange things but people in the area as well.

Fortunately, Bremerton is a pretty calm place otherwise.

Kathleen Barron said...

A hotel, that's even better. I think I'll plan a trip to Indy and book a stay there. Do you know the name of the place now?

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