Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Call to help a friend, a fellow lover of the paranormal. Please read.

This was posted on the "My Para" network site, to which I belong. It's a wonderful network over 3000 strong. They were hit with some devastating news. News that no "famiy" wants to here. One of their members was diagnosed with a terrible illness and they are desperate to help her get well and of corse in our society, that takes more money than health insurance will provide. If you can find it in your hearts to contribute....even a dollar, you'll have done your good deed and can feel good about helping. Read on and meet Mary Beth.

"I'm always seeing posts declaring that the paranormal community is one big family. How we should support and help each other.

Recently, one of our "family" members posted the following:

'We at Tri-State Paranormal of Northern Kentucky are putting together a fundraiser for one of our own......Marybeth Stagman is our case manger and on a couple weeks ago she found out that she has a rare form of breast cancer and the following day she discovered her mother had passed away. So now we are putting together a fundrasier for her and the breast cancer foundation.'

So here's your chance people. As I said, put up or shut up. And I don't wanna see one post about how you "can't" afford it. Just $1 people, or $5 or $10, what ever. Go dig in the couch cushion! Don't buy that Quarter Pounder this week. Forgo that StarBucks. How about it? Can you practice what you preach???"

So far they have only raised $355 of the $5000 needed so I hope you will consider giving, even $1. Go to mypara,net for more information and to donate. You can go to the "We are family?" post under forums or go to the right side-bar where the donation box is and simply donate. All donations to for the entire month of November will be going to Marybeth's medical fund. Thanks for considering Marybeth. I'll keep you updated on our progress.


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