Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ferla Mohr, The Big Gray Man

Being Scottish I especially love a good Scotts tale of fairies and legend. I don't know how true it is for the people on the whole but from my own observations and from family members I would say that people from Celtic decent tend to be somewhat superstitious and also great storytellers. I seem to recall hearing something about "The big gray man" growing up, but I could be mistaken. Whether myth or actual cryptoid I don't know but I would say this bears investigation. Should anyone have any knowledge on this creature that they are willing to share, I hope you will.

Going back to the 1920's in a region of Scotland known as Ben MacDhui there have been reported sightings of a Sasquatch like creature known as "Ferla Mohr" or "The Big Gray Man". The Ferla Mohr is said to be a 25 foot tall hairy man-ape creature that is described as more of a supernatural presence than an actual creature, although actual sightings of the beasts are said to have occurred.

The Ferla Mohr seems to have supernatural powers. He is said to be able to control the weather, including the fog and the rain. He can also cause such extreme fear in both humans and animals that they will try to commit suicide by leaping off cliffs or reportedly have even died trying to get away from him.

Author Jamie Hall has done a lot of research on this subject and some of this information has been taken from his website Many thanks to him. You can read more about Jamie and his other work at

For other great books on the subject, check these out. These are also from Jamie's site.

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