Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, this elusive little guy gets around! The Chupacabra has a history with first sightings beginning in Puerto-Rico with other sightings in Mexico, the United States and as far away as Australia. The reports of these little vampyric "goat-suckers" are all similar in nater an M.O. (motive operandi).

All victims have 3 small puncture wounds in the neck or chest from which the blood is drained away from the body. Sometimes, organs are found missing as well, presumably from these small holes. The victims are generall herd animal. Goat, sheep, horses, cattle and even dogs. As far as is known, there has never been a human victim.

Interestingly, the appearance of the creature is a little harder to get straight as reports vary from place to place. Most witnesses say the animal is gray to green, or brown. Some say it has wings and piercing red eyes that glow in the night sky. Some say it has wings and can only fly. Some says it is bi-pedal and chases it's pray on 2 legs. All agree it is a creature of the night.

So, an alien? A demon? Some kind of new hybrid species? Anyone have any thoughts?


coffee said...

out of all the mythical, blood sucking creatures out there, the Chupacabra is almost certainly the sneakiest

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