Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A lot of people ask me what got me interested in the paranormal. First, I tell them it's a lot more than an interest...more of a life-long learning experience. What sparked it is kind of silly. I remember being a really little kid and coming come from kindergarden with my older cousin. He couldn't wait to get home, plop down in front of the television set and tune into DARK SHADOWS, a soap opera done in black and white. You can still buy copies of the old show at Best Buy or on Ebay, and they have great nostalgic value for old fans like me but they were a little hokey.
What was significant about this show was, for me, 3 of the main charachters. Barnabas (a vampire), Quentin (a werewolf) and Angelique (a witch). From this silly show I actually gleaned the fledgling knowledge of a novice regarding these creatures, but more importantly it left me wanting to learn more. So basically, that's where it started for me, at age 5 but it didn't end there. It's many years later and I am still learning. I hope to never stop. My learning has led me to meeting interesting people and to many personal experiences with the paranormal.
So that's my begninng. It's pretty simple. Now, I'd like to hear to yours. Don't be shy. Tell me about you and what go you started. Tell me what you'd like to talk about here, or what you'd like to learn about. Let's learn together.
Let's talk more tomorrow...


Aura said...

Good start! I would center your ads. Layout is nice-try and tweak your body and sidebar to stretch it a bit. Everything is in the very center of screen-unless that is the look you are aiming for? Keep it up, it is good to meet you! Write anytime :)

Siani said...

What got me interested in the paranormal, was a number of paranormal experiences, such as UFOs, a haunting, etc. For some reason, weird things follow me!

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