Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Personal Experience - Part I

I've heard that ghosts (entities or spirits) can gain energy from the electrical appliances we use so when I hear stories about that sort of thing, it doesn't surprise me. I am a believer now, but I wasn't always.
My story started about ten years ago when I was cooking dinner for my family in the small galley kitchen of the town-home we lived in at the time. I turned around to put a casserole dish in the microwave and closed the door. Before I could get my fingers anywhere near the cook buttons, large sparks (actually they were more like small lightning bolts!) flew from the buttons and hit the two gold bracelets that were securely clasped on my right wrist. The bracelets fell to the floor with an audible "Crack".
Those bracelets meant a lot to me. My husband had bought them for me as a wedding present and I didn't want to think of losing them. I bent down to pick them up and was so happy to see that they weren't broken, and yet I knew they should be after what had happened. Although they were good 14k bracelets with expensive clasps, I didn't think any metal would have been able to have held up under the explosive "cracks" of lights from the microwave.
An odd burning smell lingered in the air and thin lines of black smoke curled from the microwave. As I picked the bracelets up, and tried to re-fasten them on my wrists out of the corner of my eye I noticed a large, black shadow. When I turned around to get a better look, my heart starting beating faster and a chill corsed through me. Those thin swirls of smoke took the shape of a man! A fat man who smiled at me in the doorway.


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