Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stone Circles

I love this topic! I think these are just so beautiful and yet kind of creepy at the same a good way! :) These circles...well they aren't always circles. Sometimes 3 or 4 stones form an arc or only part of a circle. These massive forms are lovely megalithic monuments from ancient times that have been puzzling modern men and women for ages.
I have never been to a site to see one personally, but Ijust love to look at photos of them. I love the quiet stillness they project and the majesty of the rocks. They are projections of the very power of Creation and the Earth itself. I would love to tap into the rock somehow and hook into just a little bit of the knowledge of all the things that time has shown them over all these years. They have seen power and strength, beauty, peace, war, life and death and humanity at its best and its worst. One day I hope to have the chance to visit a site and have the opportunity to "feel" the power of one of these sites. We'll see.
Anyway, there are thousands of these sites all over the world, in Britain, Ireland, Africa, India, the Americas, Israel and even have been found in some polar regions. Although these places are shrouded in mystery and bring to mind pictures of Stonehenge and old druid priests, thanks to archaeologists and their hard work we know that the spots were often used as burial places, often were used for rituals and were probably related to the calendar and in some way were used to mark the solstaces, or at least the summer solstace.
Can any of you readers that have been to a circle of standing stones give a first hand account of your experience?


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