Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another story about Time Travel....

This story is more well known and I have heard it talked about more often. I do lend more credence to this one as it is more well documented.

One day in France in 1901, two spinster ladies, Eleanor Jourdin and Charlotte Moberly went for a walk in the gardens of Versailles looking for a building called the "Petit Trianon" which was Marie Antoinette's private chateau and was originally built at Versailles in 1761–64 for Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour.

As they walked, both women suddenly noticed the air thickening and they felt like they were taken over by a sort of fugue or dreamlike state where they knew they were still awake but the atmosphere around them somehow seemed different. Neither woman mentioned it to other but just kept on walking.

Suddenly, they noticed that the people around them were dressed in the clothing of the 1700's, the gardens that were just crowded with people were the same, but they were no longer crowded. They saw men in long coats and tri-corner hats and a woman in a beautiful gown playing the harp. They saw a man working a large, odd looking plough. They saw a woman sitting in the grass sketching and the women became a little more disoriented. They decided to ask directions from a man who stood nearby and they soon found themselves near the Petit Trianon. Once they walked through the gate, the odd feeling left them and they found themselves once again surrounded by crowds of people dressed in the clothing of their own time as if apparently nothing had ever gone amiss.

After returning to the home of Eleanor Jourdain and discussing the days events, the ladies realized they had indeed recognized the lady sketching on the grass as Marie Antoinette herself and they decided to return to the Petit Trianon again. When they returned the next day, they found the gate they had entered through the day before sealed shut, but looking through they saw the ancient plough that the man had been working during their "experience". They had no answers for their "event" but when they spoke of it to friends, they tried to ease the ladies minds by telling them that they must have run into a troupe of actors rehearsing a scene and such as that. The ladies never believed any other explanation but that they somehow walked through a hole in time and actually wound up in the past and were witness to the court of Marie Antoinette.


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