Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat Magic, Should they cross YOUR path?

OK, I'll admit it. I am Crazy about cats. In fact, I have four of them. Id have about 20 if I could but my family already thinks I'm one of those crazy cat women like the ones you hear about the news. But even though I love them, I know that can't be said of everyone. But, love them or hate them, cats have been leaving their mark on society from ancient times.

I have owned cats since I was a little girl. My favorite cat is my black Persian named Duncan (I know, that's weird, a Scottish name for a Persian name but all of my pets have Scottish names) with big, round, yellow eyes. However, Duncan wouldn't be too popular too most people through the ages. Black cats have always been associated with black or negative magic and have been known as the epitome of evil.

White cats, on the other hand, (and ironically, I have never owned one. I wonder that says about me?) are associated with good or white magic or positive things. They are the equivalent of good omens and people never worried when they found themselves in the presence of white cat, in fact, they tried to find one to keep in their homes (except in Egypt. They hated all cats!) Gray cats swung both ways and were pretty much avoided in case they got up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

People in the middle ages believed that cats could cast spells because they believed that they assisted witches. Some people even believe that dreaming about cats can Divine your future....but more about that in my next post.

Usually, it is agreed that the eyes of a cat are considered to be the windows are some great chasm of the great beyond and have a hypnotic effect that can draw people in. Sometimes too far in....hence the word "CAT-atonic" as in catatonic state. All I know is that a black cat makes the perfect living Halloween decoration and I love it when they cross my path! This is Duncan


suzy said...

In your 3rd paragraph you say that Egyptians hated all cats; in fact they revered them so much and thought they were Gods. They even gave up part of their land just so the enemy wouldn't kill their beloved cats. Look up Ancient Egypt and cats.

Kathie said...

Suzy, you are exactly right. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out. I did indeed mis-speak on this one.

Viagra Online said...

Cats are not my favorite pets, but this animals must be considered even mythologicals, cuz they have been there for a long long period, so I respect them so much.

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