Friday, September 11, 2009

The CW hits it out of the ballpark! Warning--Spoiler Alerts for those who may have missed out!

Well, I think we need to talk about the season premiers of both the Vampire Diaries and Supernatural that both aired last night on the CW network.

The Vampire Diaries was off to a good start. All of the good characters turned out to be quite likable while the ones that were supposed to be bad ha an air of sinister "Hey, I want to get to know you better cause you seem kind of cool in a bad-boy way" about them.

The first episode set the scene for "two brothers similar to the good cop vs bad cop scenario but only with vampires. Stephan, the "Good" brother who tries not to drink human blood, apparently had a girlfriend way back when that looked incredibly like one of the girls in his new high school. Although that same story line was used in the old faithful Dark Shadows series with Josette and Barnabas, it seems to work more often than not.

Anyway, bad brother Damon is busy killing students, quenching his thirst and making fun of Stephen. It will be fun to see how this plays out.

As far as Supernatural, wow what a beginning! We had to watch Bobby be possessed and then stab himself with the demon killing knife, we were told that Dean himself actually was was the sword of Michael the Archangel and was to be the vessel for Michael to possess in order to vanquish Lucifer.

We had to witness poor Sam being sad. Alot! We saw Satan talking some poor shlub that had his wife and baby murdered into being his vessel, and we saw Castielle making the greatest entrance in CW history to save our boys from that devil of an angel Zachariah who was trying to persuade Dean into let Michael possess him.

That was one hour that passed so quickly it seemed like 10 minutes. I can't wait till next Thursday.

By the way, Misha Collins has a twiiter that is HILLARIOUS!! If you haven't already checked it out, you need to do so. If you're not a fan already, you will be when you read this and become one of his "minions".


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