Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Re-release of a Classic deserves a mention

28 years ago actor David Naughton dropped to the floor of his girlfriend's flat in London and underwent what I would call the best transformation from man to werewolf in movie history. Now before you go thinking I'm crazy because of the great (and I do mean great) transformation of Eddie Quist in The Howling.
The reason I think the transformation of "Werewolf" was superior was because it was in the daytime and we got to see every last painful moment of the change. So I guess what I mean was, In that sense the what we actually saw was amazing. The Howling's transformation might have been scarier because when Eddie Quist turned, with that horrible pulsating, appendage elongating, painful transformation, it was by far creepier in that half light. I remember them both like yesterday.

Anyway, Werewolf was a great film. It was sad, it was funny. It had that great scene. In my opinion, it deserved to be re-released yesterday. I hope if you don't already have it, you'll buy it on Blue Ray or DVD and have fun with all the special features.


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I feel so identify with the movie because when I was young I felt that I was a wolf, my hair was so long and my face change when the moon was in its biggest size! I think that I am a Werewolf!

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This movie was amazing in that time, and it was impressive how people was surprised seeing the bad effects that movie had, but it's not bad taking into account it was long time ago.

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