Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you remember this?

When I was about 10 or 12, I used to live with my mother and my sister in this apartment complex on Long Island, New York. Through a really short strip of woods was a shopping center with a "Grants" store, a really cool Card and Novelty shop, a Movie Theater and some other neat places. On Saturday afternoons you could go the movies and see a double feature for 50 cents. My friends and I walked over every single Saturday, bought a huge tub of popcorn to share and saw two (usually they were some kind of horror movie, or some kind of awful sci-fi movie)movies. One of them was Mark Of The Devil. Do you remember this one?

It was really awful, not just because of the awful script and dubbed in English, but because of the blood, guts and gore. Pretty unusual for its day. This movie was promoted by giving everyone who bought ticket a special little "barf" bag (which was really an air sickness bag) with a scene from the movie printed on it with the words, "This vomit bag and the price of one admission will enable you to see....."
Anyway, we weren't old enough so my sister bought our tickets for us and we got our little barf bags and in we went.

I was too stupid to close my eyes so like my friends, and none of us used our bags but I do remember that movie...vividly. It was all about the witch hunts and the persecution of innocent people because other people wanted things from them...things like land, sex, money and pretty much anything else.

To get these things, the traveling witch finder would apply various hideous tortures to innocent people in order to get them to confess, upon which time the people would be killed anyway, so the whole ordeal seemed pointless anyway.

The movie was actually shot in a museum in Germany, I think, or maybe in Austria...and the implements of torture used in the movie were real and were at some point used on real people. The bloodiest part of the movie was when an innocent girl gets her tongue ripped out of her head. I hear that the actress had to hold a newborn calves tongue in her mouth for that scene. Ugh!!! Anyway, this movie is not for the faint of heart. There are feet burnings, burnings at the stake, rape, sitting on long nails, stretching, and so much more that I can't even name them.

This movie is available on ebay, but I don't suggest anyone buy it. It's truly awful. By the way, the barf bags from the original movies are available too. Here's a picture from one on ebay.


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