Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great new book for all paranormal readers

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Collected by Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski

The latest title from Whitechapel Press and our “Haunted Field Guide” series is now available to order and since we are sending this out to our newsletter subscribers first, we wanted to give you a chance to order one of the collectible, signed, numbered, limited edition copies! Each of the special edition is numbered and is signed by Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski! These collectible copies will not last long, so be sure to order yours today!

Go to to order and check out the special offers that we have for other books in the “Haunted Field Guide Series”! Here’s more about the new book….

Talking with the DeadCasebooks of American Ghost Hunter's (2009)

Collected by Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski

A Collection of 13 Chilling Cases Written by Ghost Hunters from All Across America! In previous volumes of the “Haunted Field Guide Series” from Whitechapel Press, our authors have offered a wide array of how-to information about the world of paranormal research. In this book, researchers have put their words into action! Troy Taylor and Rob & Anne Wlodarski have collected 13 spooky cases from ghost hunters from all across America, detailing their experiences with ghosts as a real-life haunted location – and their eerie contact with the spirits of the dead. Traveling to locations that include the Villisca Ax Murder House, Nemacolin Castle, the Leonis Adobe, Goliad, Cassadega Spiritualist Camp, Jerome, Arizona – the “Wickedest Town in the West”, Alfred’s Victorian Restaurant, Glen Tavern Inn, That Steak Joynt and many others. The book includes the editors, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Richard Senate, Dale Kaczmarek, Rene Kruse, Dusty Smith, Bob Hunnicutt, Pete Haviland, Chad Patterson, John and Kelly Weaver, Maritza Skandunas, Karen Ridens, and Sharon Gaudette Hieserich. One of the widest arrays of ghost story and investigation books that we have every produced – it’s sure to have you turning the pages long into the night! $15.00

Chapters & Sections in the Book Include:

* Introduction by Troy Taylor

* The House of Spirits by Rob & Anne Wlodarski

* That Steak Joynt by Dale Kaczmarek

* A Message from the Trickster by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

* A Psychic Investigation at the Glen Tavern Inn by Richard Senate

* Haunted Nemacolin Castle by Rene' Kruse

* The Spirit of Ralph Mesa Speaks by Maritza Skandunas, Karen Ridens & Sharon Gaudette Hieserich

* The Haunting of Alfred's Victorian by Kelly & John Weaver

* Investigation at the Jerome Grand Hotel by Chad Patterson

* Camp Cassadega by Dusty Smith

* A Quiet Courage: Death in Goliad by Peter Haviland

* Nights at the Gaither Plantation by Bob Hunnicutt

* Searching for the Ghosts of the Villisca Ax Murder House by Troy Taylor

* Spirits of the Leonis Adobe by Rob & Anne Wlodarski

Go to to order your copy today!


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