Monday, September 7, 2009

Do you believe in time warps, or hole in time?

I've heard this story only once, so I don't know if it is an urban legend or if the telling of it holds some truth but I like to think it does. I love stories of going back in time, quantum physics if you will. I'd love some feedback on this, so let me know what you think.

The story goes like this: A family bought an old home and the husband and wife were up in the attic cleaning and going through some old stuff that the previous owners no longer wanted. The wife came across an old "McCalls" magazine dated from the early 1800's and started flipping through it. She saw an ad for a beautiful old silver tea service and showed it to her husband and said how much she would love to have one but couldn't imagine how much a set of that quality must cost today. Her husband looked over and saw the $1.29 price of the tea service and said, hey go ahead and fill out the order form and mail it in with a check. You've got nothing to loose.

Thinking it would be fun to do anyway, and to show her husband how much she relly wanted a silver tea service that she would even stoop to such a silly level to get one, she went downstairs with the magazine, cut out the order form, filled it out, enclosed $1.29 in cash and coin, placed in in an envelope addressed it to the address in the magazine, which was in New York. The woman put the letter in her bill holder and really didn't give it another thought untill it was time to pay the monthly bills. When she walked to the mailbox to mail them, she smiled and dropped her other envelope in the mailbox too.

Time went by, summer turned to fall and the old house was really shaping up. The dining room was her favorite room and its restoraton was almost complete. The deep burgundy wallpaper with the gold flocking was an exact match to the original that was put up in the house in the 1800's. The chandelier was perfect and the crystals that hung over the mahogany table shone like diamonds hit by the afternoon sun. As she looked around the room, she couldn't believe it was really hers. She had dreamed about it for so long. When the doorbell rang, it brought her back to reality and she reluctantly left the dining room to answer the door.

Seeing the mailman through the sheer organza curtain that covered the leaded glass. it was obvious that he was holding a heavy package. She smiled at him and greeted him warmly when she opned the door.

"Afternoon ma'am", he said, shifting the weight of the parcel that was wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. "I gotta tell you I'm surprised they let this one through. Must be some kind of joke or something. Can't use no string no more when mailing packages and look here....these stamps stay 1844 on them. Postage is only 33cents to mail this heavy box coming all the way from New York. Anyway, here you go."

Astounded, she took the box and closed the door, without saying thankyou or taking her other mail. He was right. The package did look old. Bringing it into the kitchen, she cut the string, tore the brown paper, and as she opened the box was assailed by a musty smell that wasn't really bad, but was kinda like the smell of an antique store. She like it.

Reaching ito the box and unwrapping the paper, she pulled out a silver sugar bowl, and then its lid, then a creamer, a coffee pot, a teapot and lid, and a beautiful tray!

Somehow, her order had gotten thru a portal of time, and found its way back. She told her husband, but he didn't believe it. No one did. He just yelled at her for spending what must have been a small fortune on a silver tea set when they were already spending so much money on the house. Only she knew the secret. The tea set was placed on the mahogany table and was used many times. It was passed on from generation to generation and lasted for many more lifetimes.


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